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Our new 1050mm x 730mm x 25mm thick recycled boards have proven popular with concrete brick and block manufacturers for their production.

They have also been very useful for a wide range of furniture applications that require a bigger board dimension other than our standard planks.

Jungle Gym

Made from 100% recycled plastic our children’s jungle gyms  are made up age appropriate and keeping your space in mind. Let us design the perfect play area for your young ones!

Lavaplastic Recycled Plastic Toys Noughts and Crosses

Noughts & Crosses


Our CNC capabilities, combined with our new, recycled plastic board profile, have enabled us to offer schools a durable, long lasting alternative to the traditional educational apparatus.

Noughts and crosses – an ideal product for developing early childhood strategic thinking.

8 pieces (4 Noughts and 4 crosses) – 230mm wide x 25mm thick