About Our Company

Lava Plastic Recycled Plastic Furniture Durban-outdoor-furniture-toy

Southgate Recycling T/A Lavaplastic manufactures an assortment of 100% recycled plastic planks.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the planks we produce and offer the most diverse range of sizes into the local market.

We are a dynamic team of 10 staff that is always striving to assist our customers with all aspects of their recycled plastic projects, including design, assembly and installation.

We have designed and installed decks, walkways, ablution facilities, bird hides, children’s jungle gyms, balustrades, bee hives, church rostrums, fencing, furniture, trail signage, pallets & memorial benches to name a few…

We have in house CNC routing capabilities that enables us to create unique items of furniture from our recycled plastic planks utilizing computer aided design packages.

Our range of durable, long lasting recycled plastic furniture is extremely popular for a variety of maintenance free outdoor or indoor applications. Numerous of our furniture items are available as flat pack options for DIY assembly. This makes them ideal for cost effective couriering over long distances.

Please drop us a mail or give us a call if you are looking to do anything with recycled plastic and give us the opportunity to try assist you – looking forward to hearing from you.




Plastic Bee Hive


Our unique, plastic bee hive is manufactured according to the prescribed Langstroth design dimensions.  The bee box is assembled as a standard hive or an observation hive using our 16 mm plastic boards, precision cut on our CNC router.


Lavaplastic woven slatted fencing can be installed on an incline, as well as on level ground. We have a variety of woven slat dimensions, and two different H-post heights.

Please refer to the price list and installation charts inserted below, showing the options.  Then email us your specifics, and we will gladly prepare a quotation for you.


Installation charts

Price list


Production block board/brick pallet/skid board

Our recycled plastic production block boards are popular with concrete brick and block manufacturers for use in their production.

They are also very useful for a wide range of furniture applications that require a bigger board dimension than our standard planks.