Southgate Recycling was started by Keith Walters under his existing Environmental landscaping and consulting business E-scape Environmental Services in January 2010. After realizing that he could not successfully manage two businesses, Keith asked his longtime friend and fellow Springbok Scout Gavin Paulsen to join him in his new business venture.

Gavin left Subaru Durban where he was employed as workshop manager in May 2010 and joined Keith. Neither Keith nor Gavin had any plastic processing experience, but were enthusiastic to learn new skills.

Second hand processing machinery was sourced and commissioned, and Keith’s existing landscaping staff was offered the opportunity to join the new business. Four permanent staff members were appointed and moved across to begin learning the business alongside Keith and Gavin.

Recycling focused primarily on toll converting (pelletizing) of production waste LDPE, HDPE, PP, and PVC for a number of clients. Through trial and error, some difficult to process waste plastic products were successfully recycled for our clients for the first time despite many others trying. A great deal of experience has been obtained through Keith and Gavin’s “hands on” approach and Southgate Recycling became well established locally as a quality service provider.

Southgate Recycling developed a method of utilizing waste rigid PVC and converting it into a woven lattice for fencing/screening applications. It was originally intended for fencing in coastal dune rehabilitation projects undertaken by Keith’s sister company E-scape Environmental Services. A large demand for this product has also emerged from the domestic market for DIY garden screening, edging, outdoor furniture and decoration. Regretfully, this product was not financially viable and was discontinued in February 2019 despite it being a very popular fencing and screening product.

Southgate Recycling is continually investing in equipment and product development and has expanded the business into manufacturing a diverse range of environmentally friendly recycled plastic products that is marketed under the name “Lavaplastic”.


Msa Ngcobo

Lavaplastic Installer

Andre Gcwensa

CNC Operator

Tash Abrams