Stainless steel footplate


Lavaplastic balustrades are created for easy DIY assembly.

Stainless steel footplate for floor mounting – price on enquiry (dependent on fluctuating steel price)



Our Garden Trellis, affixed to a wall, provides the ideal framework for “green screening”. The trellis panels can also be modified for a free-standing application by being slotted in to our H-post uprights.

Plastic Bee Hive


Our unique, plastic bee hive is manufactured according to the prescribed Langstroth design dimensions.  The bee box can be assembled as a standard hive or an observation hive using our 16 mm plastic boards, precision cut on our CNC router.  The image displayed shows an assembled observation hive, with a brood chamber, a super chamber, a lid and a landing board.  Please view our price list for the individual component costings.  We manufacture to order and can accommodate your assembly preferences.