We manufacture a wide range of plank and pole profiles using 100% recycled material, following process called “flow moulding”.  They are designed to replace wooden equivalents, as they are longer lasting and require no maintenance.

Our standard colours are brown, green and black, although we can also produce vibrant colour options using pigments and colour masterbatch  (this is dependent on the composition of our incoming material).

Whilst we utilise the best pigments and colour master batches on the market, the harsh African sun’s ultraviolet rays will eventually attack the colour pigments and the plank/pole will fade (much the same as leaving your car outside in the sun) This does not mean that the plastic polymer is defective and will break, it just means the colour is being “bleached” out of the plastic.

The diverse range of available dimensions, make our recycled plastic planks and poles a popular and versatile product choice with our customers.

Recycled plastic planks are a great alternative to using wood, but do come with some limitations

  • Plastic planks are not as rigid as wood, and are generally thicker than wooden planks, used for the same application;
  • They will require more bracing and reduced spacing between supports;
  • Recycled plastic planks also expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. (This needs to be factored into any design application).

Please call us prior to ordering, to discuss your proposed project utilising our products, so that our team can advise you on the most suitable option for the proposed application.