About Our Products
Our products are manufactured from a variety of locally sourced recycled plastic materials. (PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE) Due to the variety of sources that we obtain our feedstock from it is always difficult to control the final colours from one batch to the next.
The poles and planks used to assemble our outdoor furniture are manufactured predominantly from solid HDPE and PP and are pigmented throughout. An example of the type of plastic we use as our raw materials is 2l milk bottles, detergent bottles and other thin film type packaging. These are granulated into small particles and then fill moulded into planks of various sizes.
Our range of woven plastic products and garden edging is manufactured from recycled rigid PVC. These materials may be from old water pipes, gutters, film packaging and certain disinfectant/fragrance bottles. Both our Lavaplastic fence posts and laths are now extruded hollow, textured and then coated brown with our UV stabilised PEC (Pigmented Etch Coating) before being cut to size and assembled. 
Despite our PEC being loaded with UV stabilisers, it will loose its “brand new look” over a period of time, just as your car would if left outdoors in the African sun for a few years! Should you wish to re-coat your fence at any stage we do sell our PEC for touching up your fence?
Through extensive research we have developed our own method of assembling our panels for ease of manufacture and installation using 99.9% plastic components. This means no maintenance resulting from rotting or rusting issues as is the case when using steel or wood.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve our production process and we will be adding new products to our catalogue shortly.